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Vacuum Trucks

For specialized tasks from wastewater removal to spill cleanup, Tesla Environmental provides an extensive fleet of highly effective and versatile vacuum trucks. Our vacuum trucks are ideal for a variety of commercial, institutional, and industrial waste disposal functions. Tesla Environmental can safely extract liquids, sludge, mud, and even soil with various vacuum trucks, as well as corrosive, and even flammable materials. Our specialized fleet includes:

  • Vacuum trucks
  • Vacuum tankers
  • Wet / dry power vacuums
  • Hydro vacs
  • Tanker trailers
  • Industrial power wash cleaning equipment

For larger industrial waste disposal jobs, we offer vacuum tankers with a holding capacity of up to 27000L. Our vacuum trucks are operated by highly experienced environmental technicians, who are trained in safe handling of both the equipment and regulated and hazardous waste materials.

Our innovative vacuum trucks enable us to perform complex waste disposal tasks that would be otherwise difficult, dangerous, or extremely time consuming to perform, such as confined space entry. Our vacuum trucks offer fast, efficient, and cost effective site clean-up and industrial waste disposal services.

In addition to our vacuum trucks services, Tesla Environmental provides a wide selection of other environmental services, including waste transportation, industrial waste disposal, finished product delivery, industrial power wash cleaning, rapid response, and specialized / on-site services. Please contact us today for more information concerning our vacuum trucks, or any of our additional industrial waste disposal services in Hamilton, St. Catharines, Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville, Kitchener, Toronto, and Brampton, and the surrounding communities.

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